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Claiming Strategy

We Recover Directly From The Supplier, And Not From The Broker, Meaning Our Claim Values Are 3-4 Times Higher Than our Competitors.

Recovery and Fees

Our Panel of Solicitors charge the lowest fees on the market, and are capped at 30% of the Settlement Figure.  You will never be asked to pay a penny, you only pay when you win. 
We work on a NO WIN-NO FEE basis.

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Quantum of Loss

We are the ONLY company that can calculate the claims accurately, to give us the Quantum of Loss Value, which has been forensically examined and certified, using proprietary calculations and algorithm.

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Professional Services

We are the only company recommended to Law Firms by Litigation Funders and Insurance Providers.
All Claims are submitted via our secure onboarding process, and regular updates are emailed as the claim passes each stage until finalised.

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Easy Claims Process

All we need is copies of your Energy Contracts and bills from each Contract period, and all emails from your Broker, so that we can calculate your claim.
And only when you are happy to proceed, we will pass your claim to our panel of Solicitors who are already processing multiple cases.

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OfGem report on its way
iNews reported that Business Energy Reclaims could be catastrophic for the Energy Companies

Some Facts About us

Group 1158
88 Million £
Estimated Claims Value
Group 1158 (1)
49 Expert
Trained Introducers
Group 1158 (2)
8 Specialist
Firms of Solicitors

Making a Claim is Easy
Simply Drag and Drop whatever documents and evidence that you can find
Our Experts and Specialists will diligently go through each one and extract the relevant details
Register yourself.

Once we have received your personal and business details, you will receive via email providing a secure link for you to upload all your evidence documents. Energy Contract(s), Bills, and emails from your Broker.

Upload Evidence

Please drag and drop as money pieces of documents as you can find. We will sift through them for the relevant details.

Claim Assessment

Our Assessment Team will carefully Calculate and Evaluate your Claim(s) and advise you of the outcome.

Submit to Solicitors

If a claim is possible, you will confirm that your are willing to proceed, and the case will be submitted to our panel of Solicitors.

Settlement of Claim

Once the solicitors have negotiated, a settlement value, you will be notified via email to confirm the acceptance of the offer of settlement and disbursements will be made.

Financial Disbursement

We can usually claim up to 80% of any calculated value, of which the solicitors will retain 30% plus VAT, and the remainder will be dispersed to the claimant. All other costs to introduces, intermediaries, and other relevant parties or settled from the solicitors portion.

Case closed

At this point, the case will be closed and considered to be final. Investors Independent and our partners reserve the right to contact you after the case is closed, should we require further information from you.

See how we do things and how the claims process works.

VIDEO NOT AVAILABLE YET Watch this video to fully understand the entire claims process, and also to get a holistic overview of the mis-selling environment that has given rise to the ability to make claims against the energy suppliers directly.

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